Liquid Smoke



Booking Your Band at Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke offers live, relaxing music several times a month.  One Sunday a month we open our doors during the evening for a loud rock show!

If you are interested in booking your band at Liquid Smoke you should know a few things:  We are a cover free bar, and are always a cover free bar.  That means that we do not offer a guarantee or any form of payment for performing.  You are more than welcome to pass a tip jar around, and sell your merchandise and we will be more than happy to get a bar tab going for your band members.  We are also always a 21 and up bar, with no exceptions.  If any member of your band is under 21, they cannot perform at Liquid Smoke even if they are 18 or older.  And while we offer a decent PA system for smaller singer songwriter type acts, we suggest that if you need more than 1 or 2 inputs that your provide your own PA.

If you are interested in booking for you band at Liquid Smoke for a week or weekend night send us a message here at our main Facebook page. For booking a Loud At Liquid Smoke Sunday, please send us a message here, at our L@LS Facebook Page with a link to your music that we can listen to, PA requirements, and some contact information.  We will be in touch as fast as possible!